Mike Oldfield: The Bootlegs

The following albums are *not* official releases and are NOT licensed by Mike, Virgin records Or Warner Records in *any* way...

Mike Oldfield is a prolific musician.
You are no doubt aware of that fact if you have made it to this page.
I shan't waste any time going on and on about how Mike's music is simply the best in the world etc etc etc... I'm sure you *know* that already!


However, considering how long Mike has been recording, (over 30 years), the 'bootleg scene', as far as his works are concerned, is somewhat lacking in quantity and those that *are* available are riddled with duplication and, quite frankly, false information.

Many people have bought certain bootlegs expecting to find something that is stated in the listing, but which does not exist on the disc.

I felt this needed to be brought to the attention of those looking to find certain discs...

So... This page was created to show as complete a list as is possible of 'pressed' and otherwise released Oldfield bootlegs.

The advent of CD-R has somewhat dropped the amount of *real* bootlegs that are created these days.
It is, therefore, also neccesary to compile material which *is* available, but which has never been released in *any* form, bootleg or otherwise, until the MP3 was created.

I've divided the info into sections, mainly because there are 'way' too many thumbnails to load up onto a single page, but also to put the various discs into definite catagories.
As follows:

CONCERTS - Discs with a single Oldfield concert. NOT TV or Radio Shows with guest appearances.
Unreleased UNRELEASED - Discs with material that has never been released on CD.
Mixed MIXED - Discs with a mixture of the above.
Pirates...Arrrr! PIRATES - Ones to avoid. Basically copies of Mike's Studio/Live albums.
Odd Ditties... I mean, Oddities ODDITIES - Fan based Bootleg discs (Also Known As *Private Releases*)
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, Mike... OLDFIELD! WITH OTHERS - Mike's appearances on other artistes bootleg discs.
Foreign FOREIGN VINYL ODDITIES - Foreign Vinyl Bootlegs/Pirates
The Things I Know Nothing About UNSORTED & MYSTERIES - Discs I know exist but have NO info for - It's over to you guys for these!

For all of the discs catalogued here, the 'Listings' section is simply what is printed ON THE DISC listing by the Bootlegger and therefore the LISTING may NOT actually be what is ON the disc. Where an examples of this happens, they are covered and corrected in the 'Info/ Problems' section.

As an example...

The Sorcerer (Tulamore Dew Records TDR 41278857 OR TD 41278857)

1 Tubular Bells, stage 1
2 Tubular Bells, stage 2 (Glasgow Appollo, 10.9.92)
3 Tubular Bells (Demo, nicky Campbell show Dec. 89)
4 Dance of the Daonhe Sidhe (Mike teaming up with Tom Newman in 1977 on the Faerie Symphony)
5 Passed you by (Collaboration with Phil Beer, recorded in 1987 for a charity album)
6 Royal Wedding Anthem (Guildhall, London, 28.7.81, officially dedicated to HRH Charles and Lady Diana)

A well produced disc. But, for the collector, only worthy for the inclusion of the 6:30 Nicky Campbell Demo (Good Quality) and Royal Wedding Theme, for reasons explained below...

Track 1 and Track 2 are NOT Glasgow Appollo (or even Apollo (to spell it correctly! ;') ). It is another copy of the Edinburgh Premier. (The drop-away at 33 seconds is in there! You can also hear the fireworks at the end, and the Glasgow Apollo was anIndoor venue! AND, thanks to Stevie B for pointing out, The Apollo was demolished three years previous to this concert!)

So, there is an example. And that was an 'easy' disc to give info on! Some of the discs listed on these pages have been 'track listed' appalingly, again, a large part of the reason I made this site.

It must be stated that the BUYING of Bootlegs should be discouraged.
The industry is in bad enough shape without this kind of profiteering. It is, however, good to see that some of Mike's live back catalogue is being released, not only on DVD-Audio (Tubular Bells 2003 with original TB demos!) but the recent release of the Exposed set as a DVD video.

And Mike, if you're reading this, we don't care if it's a little dodgy... Get Virgin to release the Crises 'Tubular Bells 10th Aniversary' at Wembley Arena, film!

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