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The Almost-Complete, Virtually-Unavaiable; Mike Oldfield

Made by yours truly. The best versions of the hardest to get stuff.
I'll list this once I dig it out from wherever it is.

"Then and Now" 1999 Tourbox

A labour of love from Posh! productions.
A Boxed set of CD's contaiing (almost) ALL of the Then and Now concerts in MP3 format.
Obviously the quality varies from gig to gig.

Tour Box Listing...
Disc 1:

Budapest 18/6/99

This CD also contains...all of the slideshow files (and the Divx codec REQUIRED to run the whole project)

CD 2

Vienna 19/6/99
Hanau 20/6/99
Dresden 24/6/99
Bielfeld 27/6/99
Bonn 28/6/99
Donostia (San Sebastian) 1/7/99
Valencia 2/7/99
Murcia (San Javier) 3/7/99

CD 3

Ubeda 4/7/99
Barcelona 6/7/99
Leganes (Madrid) 8/7/99
Paris 12/7/99
Birmingham 14/7/99
Udine 17/7/99

CD 4

Singen 19/7/99
Munchen 21/7/99
Leipzig 23/7/99
Katowice 25/7/99
Stockholm 27/7/99
La Coruna 31/7/99

Tubular Bells II Trance Remixes
Kaleidescopic Music Rome (MT 18)

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV
5. Part V
6. Part I (revisited)
7. Part V (revisited)
8. Part II (revisited)

Info/ Problems:

Mixed by Limbo Phonic and Odd cut.
All of these tracks are pretty much the usual *Techno/Ambient* style remixes
Whereas the cover alludes to Tubular Bells II, most of them owe more to Tubular Bells than it's sequel.

Treasure Box

1: Inside my head
2: Radio Hamburg Radio ID
3: TBIII Unplugged
4: Iona
5: Taurus II Live
6: Grenadiers
7: The British Grenadiers
8: Day of the Pecherons
9: Dansk Dance
10: Sutton Hoo
11: Five miles out
12: Ommadawn
13: Soundcheck Preston Guildhall
14: Incantations/ Hergest Ridge live
15: Punkadiddle/ Blue Danube
16: Shadow on the wall live
17: The Bell Spanish Version

What I *do* know....
Track 4 is from the *Skids* Album, Joy
Track 8 is from the Tom Newman album, Fine Old Tom
Track 15 is from the 'Mirage' bootleg... see above.
Track 17 is pretty self explanatory.

Vinyl rarities

1 In Dulci Jubilo (For Maureen)
2 Pipe Tune
3 Ommadawn (excerpt)
4 Froggy went a-courting
5 Blue Peter (Refined Ending)
6 Don Alfonso (Short version)
7 Family Man
8 I Got Rhythm (Remix)
9 Guilty
10 Passed You By
11 Don Alfonso (Long Version)
12 Froggy Went a-courting (diff vocal)
13 Shine
14 Picturers in the Dark
15 Blue Peter (remix)
16 Extract from tubular Bells
17 Wrekorder Wrondo
18 In Dulci Jubilo
19 Into Wonderland
20 Portsmouth
21 Vivaldi Concerto in C

Al tracks are the UK 7" releases except:
Track 3 French 7"
Track 4 German 7"
Track 8 'Impressions' album version
Track 10 'Where would you rather be tonight' version
Track 15 'Mike Oldfield's Wonderland' version


Viareggio - The Fairlight Mixes
(Viareggio 84)

1. In High Places
2. Five Miles Out
3. The Lake
4. Saved by a Bell
5. Tricks of the Light

Basically, this is the output from the Fairlight during the Viareggio concert !

Instrumental Moments

Later! - With Jools Holland

The Making of TB 2

The Millennium Bell DEMO

The slightly different first 'take' of this album.
Includes the 'Churchill' Broad Sunlit Uplands. And different vocals on Amber Light

The Orchestral Hergest Ridge

The Original Hergest Ridge

This is the original mix of the album, now unavailable.

Tubular Bells III - WEA Demo pressing

Across The Threshold
(BBC Radio)

Mike Oldfield's Vault
(Video Collection)


Ultimate Platinum
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