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Japanese Singles Collection Tubular Bells (Curry Club)

Now this one is weird.

1. Tubular Bells.
2. Tubular Bells.
3. Ommadawn.
4. Tubular Bells.
5. Tubular Bells.
6. Tubular Bells.
7. Tubular Bells.
8. Tubular Bells.
9. Ommadawn - Live.
10. Moonlight Shadow.
11. Moonlight Shadow.

(Ways to define the different versions!)

1. All synth drums.
2. Sounds like it is being played on bottles, then cuts into the same as track 1.
3. A very nice version of Ommadawn! Hard to tell if this is Mike or not to be honest!
I tend towards saying it 'was' if not only for the way (as we all know) Mike tended to try and 'overplay' things when he used to play live. But unusually, there are NO vocals!
4. Very 'funky' version. All brass instruments and deep bass guitar.
5. Mostly plucked violin strings on this one. It is a vinyl rip and pretty crackly at the start.
6. Distinctly Japanese sounding.
7. Musical box and bass. Opening theme is played to slightly the wrong time signature!
8. Is this the Mystic Sounds version? Closest to the original.
9. Audience recording from somewhere. Sounds like the most 'album complete' (note for note) version ever. Is this maybe one of those 'tribute' performances? I don't think this is Mike, it's too 'rigid'.
10. Japanese Language Version, By Nancy Loo (B-side is called Long Distance Love!)
11. English version but with the heaviest Japanese accent you've ever heard.
(Also, the lyric isn't quite correct.) Musically this is WEIRD! Very mellow verses, heavy chorus and overblown orchestral mid-eight, with Tubular Bells, (the instrument, not the tune), over the ending!

Theme From The Motion Picture The Exorcist
Can't quite make out the catalogue number on this one (top right corner).

Italian(?) Tubular Bells Single Release.

Film 2004

Japanese(?) Single

Another Japanese(?) Single

Jet 2248

Another Japanese(?) Single