Please Note.
The *Listings* section is simply what is printed on the disc listing.
It may NOT actually be what is ON the disc. This is covered in the Info/ Problems section.

Tabular Bells - Live '73 (OHM Digital Recording OHM 073)
1 The Tubular Bells Part 1
2 The Tubular Bells Part 2
3 The Sailor's Hornpipe
4 The Tubualr Bells Part 3
5 Tubular Demo Bit 1
6 Tubular Demo Bit 2
7 Some Gaelic Tunes - A Duett
8 Don Alfonso
9 Don Alfonso - German Version

Overall: A decent enough disc. Fair recordings...
(But assumed it is taken from the vinyl, due to it being a *little* fast and a bit *hissy*.)

There are a *few* errors, to say the least.

First of all, this is *not* Tubular Bells 1973 as the title states.
It is, in fact, nothing more than a copy of the second disc from the *Official* Album 'Exposed'.
(Remastered CD: Mike CD6 7243 8 49372 2 5)
Track 4 is actually *Guilty* taken from the same album above.
Track 5 is Mike alone on acoustic playing *Red Dawn* or (*Russian* as it was originally called) and going into The Bell... and...
Track 6 is a very nice Keyboard merging of TB and TB2 from the same radio show above. (Any info on this would be nice!)
Track 7 is actually Fanny Planxty Power, (and not a very good copy of it)
Track 8 jumps into the track missing out the first word ('Now'). but is a very good transfer of the *extended version* of Don Alfonso.(But is slightly fast)
Track 9 is an Oddity... It *sounds* as if someone has done their own German version over the top of the English version! (Listen to the backing vocals... they are English!)

Mirage ( Vinyl Double Album ( VDT 102 )) - Mirage ( Private Collection Cover - GMOVJ )
(Live in Vienna 20/7/81)


Side A:
Taurus I

Side B:
Tubular Bells Part II

Side c:
Incantations Parts III and IV

Side D:
Ommadawn Part I

A really good bootleg. Sound goes a little *distant* at times.. but well worthwhile!

Not many problems, but worth having just for the way Mike suddenly starts playing *The Blue Danube* at the end of Punkadiddle!
It is a SUPERB moment!

Tabular Bells II (OHM Digital Recording OHM 93)

1 The Tubular Bells II
2 The Tubular Bells Encore
3 The Sailor's Hornpipe

Not a bad disc.
But very little info, and TB2 being one large track is annoying.

The back cover says only *Recorded live in Europe '93.
It was actually recorded in Paris on 31/03/93
(Sounds like a *good* audience recording. And also sounds like Mike and the Band are doing the MC parts themselves.)
Nice bits during The Bell; "Le Guitar Electrique!" and "maintenent, Tubular Bells!"

Track 2 is actually Tubular Bells (1) Part Two/Orabidoo. A really nice version, slower than usual.

Thanks to Serge Destor for venue info.

Tubular Bells II Live (EPL - CD 1000-001)

Stage 1: Sentinel-Dark Star-Clear Light-Blue Saloon-Sunjammer-Red Dawn-The Bell
Stage 2: Weightless-The Great Plain-Sunset Door-Tattoo-Altered State-Maya Gold-Moonshine

A VERY Good disc. Taken from the Radio One broadcast of the Edinburgh premier.
Well transfered and also well presented, with Edinburgh Castle printed on the disc itself.
This is the way all bootleg's *should* be.

None at all.
(Apart from the minor dip in sound at the very start of the disc, (This happened on the radio broadcast), at around 33 seconds.)
This is NOT the same mix as the Video/Dvd release's.

US Premier of Tubular Bells 2 (All of US AS 02)

1 Tubular Bells 2

A good disc. But it is marred by being one long 73:41 track.
(And the American M.C. being a bit naff!)

This is certainly the US premier, as the guy MC-ing, (name anyone??), states at the end of the Bell,
"For the first time in America, The Toobyoulir Bells!" ;') )

But the back cover artwork states that this was..."Recorded live at Eindhoven "Dynamo Open Air" Festival 1988"... which is obviously impossible ! ;') It is actually in New York (Carnegie Hall)

Thanks to Stefano Paolucci for venue info.

Other track info...
This is one, large, joined-up track... Of TBII parts one and two...
But it also contains a wonderful version of TB part 2/Orabidoo/The Bell at the end. (Worth it for that alone! Clean and crisp recording!)

Swiss Made (Fire Power FP-037)
Reference on the CD: FORMULA MF-800037
(also marked *Promotional Copy Not for sale*)

1: Tauras
2: Sheba
3: Mirage
4: Platinum
5: Tublar Bells part 2
6: Conflict
7: Ommadawn part 1
8: Punkadiddle

Live in Montreaux, Switzerland. July 5, 1981.


The sound quality fluctuates badly on this recording, from pretty good to very bad. There are points where the level is far too high and this leads to some bad saturation.
Track 1: There is a slight *scratch* effect on first track at 4 m 12s.
Track 5: Has a really bad buzz all the way through it, which is a shame becuase it is a nice rendition of TB part 2
Track 6: 5 m 40 s into track is the beginning of Ommadawn (after Conflict), therefore... Track 7: Does not start at the beginning and is just the 8 last minutes of "Ommadawn". BUT it is also incomplete. It stops whilst building to the final climax during the drum *solo*.
Track 4: is not ALL of Platinum, it stops on "Charleston".
Track 8: Punkadiddle is *very* abortive at the end... For those of you who have heard the Punkadidle on *Mirage* bootleg, Mike *seems* to be starting to do the same thing with the audience, but he doesn't seem to be playing too well and all of a sudden it just stops dead! The audience sound *bemused* to say the least...

Some names of musicians are given by Mike Oldfield all through the concert :
Maggie Reilly, Gary Fletcher...

In the beginning of track 1, Maggie Reilly sings an improvised lyric, (scat style) to the exact tune of "The deep deep sound" (from "Taurus II - from the Five Miles Out album ").
There is no box for this CD, just a sleeve.
There are a lot of mistakes in title listings :
Tauras (on the sleeve and the CD)
Tublar Bells (and just "Bells" on the CD)
Omadawn (on CD)
Pankadiddle (on CD)
It also has this *Private Collection* cover

Swiss Made- Private Collection Cover - GMOVJ

Thanks to Samuel Rives for most of the info above!

Climbing Out (Highland HL366/367 2 Disc Set)
Recorded Live at Morvis Stage, New Jersey 7/4/78

2 disc Set


Disc 1:

1: Platinum
2: Sheba
3: Mirage
4: Tubular bells (part II)
5: Taurus II

Disc 2

1: Ommadawn (part 1)
2: Tubular Bells (part 1)
3: Mount Teide
4: Orabidoo


The first thing to query about this recording is the date. Unless this was a preview of the music from QE2 (Which I *very* much doubt), this could not have been recorded in early 1979.
Obviously this makes it difficult to give an exact date for this one.

Serge Destor and others think it is probably New York 1982

Track 1; Whereas this *is* the track Platinum, at 8:50 (ish) it seques into *Conflict*

This is a pretty low quality recording, too much *bottom end* like a lot of audience recordings. Lots of audience noise, music sometimes seems to be in the background.

Thanks to Bruce Bell for info and Sam Rives for 'pointing out the obvious', (which I didn't notice!!), on this one!

Live in Viareggio 1984 (2 cd set)

Two CD set

This is a very good bootleg. Worth having.(Doing the rounds as MP3's!)
It ALSO goes under the name "Tracks In The Night"

1: Platinum
2: Tubular Bells Part 2
3: In High Places
4: Foreign Affair
5: Mount Teide
6: Taurus 1 & 2
7: The Lake
8: Crises

1: Five Miles Out
2: To France
3: Poison Arrows
4: Crystal Gazing
5: Tricks Of The Light
6: Discovery
7: Talk About Your Life
8: Saved By A Bell
9: Moonlight Shadow


Venue: Teatro Tenda Bussoladomani 8/9/94

Track 2: Jumps in at "...You're never going to..." and misses out the whole of the first verse
A nice bootleg. Some interesting versions of some well loved stuff!

Thanks to Stefano Paolucci for venue info.

Turbulent Weather
2 CD set
Disc 1:
1: Tubular Bells pt1
2: Platinum
3: Ommadawn pt1

Disc 2
1: Sheba
2: Mirage
3: Family Man
4: Tarus 2
5: Mount Teide
6: Five Miles Out

A SUPERB Soundboard recording.
Live in Cologne (Sporthalle)

Thanks to Stefano Paolucci for venue info.

Just One Night (Canterbury Dream CTD-001/2)
2 Disc set


Disc 1
1: Platinum a) Airborne b) Platinum
2: Conflict
3: Sheba
4: Mirage
5: Tubular Bells PT1
6: Taurus 2

Disc 2
1: Ommadawn Pt1
2: Tubular Bells Pt2
3: Mount Teidi
4: Orabidoo

Nice disc, sometimes sound is a bit distant with the audience quite loud


As can be seen above, there are at least two different versions of this bootleg.
They seem to be the same discs, the catalogue numbers are identical, but they are dated differently...
The *dog* cover is dated: Recorded in Japan 29th May 1982
The *Mike* cover is dated: Recorded in Japan 26th May 1982
(The *Mike* cover, also has just a *sleeve* not a full CD cover (tray etc...))

My thanks to Richard Howell and Samuel Rives for info on this one !!


This is yet ANOTHER version of Just One Night

The Day We Believe

This is apparently a DIFFERENT and BETTER recording of the 'Just One Night' concert in Japan.
I haven't heard it to clarify, but should be getting a copy sometime soon.

Return to Celt

Live in Ireland


1: Ommadawan Part one
2: Tubular Bells part two
3: Tubular Bells part one

This is only a part of the Bootleg *Dublin 80*.
It is the last track of disc one (Ommadawn) and the whole of disc two (Tubular Bells Pts 1 and 2)
Info on Dublin 80 below

Dublin 80
Two Disc set

This is Radio Recording (from the RTE *In Concert* series) of an Irish Concert.
Inner sleeve has the text; Live AM 31.05.1980
The bootleg, *Return To Celt*, uses the Last three tracks as a single disc.

Nice Disc, recording gets a little fuzzy at times

Disc 1
I Got Rythm

Disc 2
TB pt. 2
TB pt. 1

Moonshine Bell (Highland HL 294)

Apparently this is TBII recorded *Live in Brussels 29/03/93*
And during The Bell, and in the audience, French is spoken. So unless it is a copy of Tabular Bells II, it is probably what it says it is.

Tubular Bells
(Alegra CD 9027)
This is the same disc as Tabular Bells Live '73, but the tracks are in a different order.

Space Music

Yet another recording of Edinburgh Premier...

Tubular Bells 10th Anniversary Concert: Wembley Arena(2 cd set)

Two CD set

1 Woodhenge
2 Incantations Parts III
3 Sheba
4 Ommadawn Part I
5 Mount Teide
6 Five Miles Out
7 Family Man
8 Tubular Bells Part I
9 Crises

1 Taurus I
2 Taurus II
3 Moonlight Shadow
4 Shadow On The Wall

Bonus Tracks
5 Tubular Affair (Dub)
6 Tubular Affair (Vocal)
7 Ommadawn(by Hubert Razack)

There are at least *two* versions of this bootleg available, one good and one pretty bad. And I don't know which one this CD was made from.

There were problems with feedback through this concert (I know..I was there!).

the bonus tracks have NO Mike Content at all...

The *Moon* cover has a slightly different track listing of...
Disc 1; Intro/Woodhenge/Incantations/Sheba/Ommadawn/Mount Teide/Five Miles out/TB Pt 1/ Crises
Disc 2; Taurus 1/Taurus 2/Moonlight Shadow/Shadow on the wall/Family Man

The Essential Mike Oldfield

1 Guilty
2 Tubular Bells Pt1
3 Tubular Bells Pt2
4 Ommadawn

This is ripped straight from the video of the same name.
It doesn't have the interviews on it, and also fades into the tracks which Mike slightly talks over 'after' he has spoken.

Athens Roman Ruins

cover by yours truly ;')

1 Incantations Pt 3
2 Incantations Pt 4
3 Conflict
4 Ommadawn pt 1

I have no date for this, nor exact venue, but it is certainly outdoors!
This is, quite simply, one of, if not THE, best Oldfield bootleg I have ever heard.
(And has a wonderful intro to Ommadawn... "We have a new member of the audience... the Moon is watching...")
Problems?? The only problem with this is that it is far too short!!

Closed Doors


1: Platinum
2: Tubular Bells Part 2
3: In High Places
4: Foreign Affair
5: Mount Teidi
6: Crime Of Passion
7: Taurus I & II
8: The Lake
9: Five Miles Out

1: Crises
2: To France
3: Poison Arrows
4: Crystal Gazing
5: Tricks Of The Light
6: Discovery
7: Talk About Your Life
8: Saved By A Bell
9: Moonlight Shadow
10: Taurus III
11: Shadow On The Wall

Recorded at the Ahoy Club Rotterdam

Thanks to Serge Destor for the venue info.

Ring the Second Bells

Even thought this cover shows Edinburgh, I *think* this was recorded in Japan! (anyone??)

Mike Oldfield and Friends Tubular Bells Live from Queen Elizabeth hall June 25, 1973


1: Introduction
2: Part One
3: Interval
4: Part Two


Initially broadcast on BBC radio. Sound quality isn't the best. The *Interval* is the same as the opening, but with guitars being tuned in the background.

Thanks to Jim Brown for the track info.

Live Tubular Bells (Starquake SQ-03)

This is one long track comprised of;
Tubular bells part 1 / Tubular bells part 2 / Guilty
(have you guessed yet???)
Yes, this is yet another Rip-Off of *Exposed*

Apparently this disc is marked as being *Live in 1973*... This is obviously untrue.

Then and Now In Spain (2 cd set)
8/7/1999 Plaza de Toros de Leganes

Luar Na Lubre
1 Crvnia Maris
2 Chove en Santiago
3 Foliada De Rvada
4 Roi Xordo
5 Romeiro ao lonxe
6 O Son Do Ar
7 Galaecia
8 Cantixere
9 Jig-Mvineira Do Mino-Carballesa
10 ???

Mike Oldfield
11 In The Beginning
12 Let There Be Light
13 Supernova
14 Crystal Clear
15 Shadow On The Wall
16 Ommadawn Part 1

1 Cochise
2 Embers
3 Summit Day
4 The Source Of Secrets
5 The Watchful Eye
6 Jewel In The Crown
7 Outcast
8 Serpent Dream
9 The Inner Child
10 Secrets(TB MIX)
11 Far Above The Clouds
12 Moonlight Shadow
13 Family Man
14 Secrets(Adlib Version)
15 Far Above The Clouds(Encore)
bonus track
16 Muse

I don't know what track 10 is... It *could* be an introduction to mike.

"I'll take the camera off you" - Edinburgh Playhouse 9/9/82
Two CD Set

Disc One: Tubular Bells
In High Places/Etude (crossfaded segues)
Ommadawn (crossfaded segues)

Disc Two:
Hergest Ridge
Taurus II (crossfaded segues)
Five Miles Out
Mount Teide

This boot was originally a two casette set. Ported over, remastered and packaged by your's truly.
Why is it called what I called it? You'll have to hear it to know that ! ;' )

Adventures in Hannover - Live '81
(Hannover 1981)

Art in Heaven
(Berlin 1999)

Airborn-The Live Parts

(Berlin 1999)

Another version of the Art In Heaven 'Millennium' concert. (Quotes due to the fact that I', one of those 'Millennium wasn't till end of 2000 people! ;') )

Bielefeld 99
(Bielefeld 27/6/99)

Bremerhaven GERMANY 82
(Germany 11/11/82)

Budapest 99
(as above)

Dortmund 82
(as above)

Essen 81
(as above)


Viareggio - The Fairlight Mixes
(Viareggio 84)

Basically, this is the output from the Fairlight during the Viareggio concert !

Far Above the Stage

Five miles off the Ground
(New York- Long Island 82)

Also Known As: My Father's Place

Hannover 81
(Hannover 1981)

Another version of Adventures in Hannover

12 Juillet 1999

Katowice 99
(as above)

Live in the Eighties

In Live Places

- -
Paris 1999
(as above)
THREE covers for this one!

Roskilde 82
(as above)

Tubular Bells 3 - Live
(Horseguards Parade, London)

Audience Recording?

Wembley Conference Centre 1979
(as above)

(Stockholm 1999)

Siegen 81 - The 1st Show
(Siegen 1981)

Waterside Inn 98
(as above)