Please Note.
The *Listings* section is simply what is printed on the disc listing.
It may NOT actually be what is ON the disc. This is covered in the Info/ Problems section.

Tabular Bells - Live '73 (OHM Digital Recording OHM 073)
1 The Tubular Bells Part 1
2 The Tubular Bells Part 2
3 The Sailor's Hornpipe
4 The Tubualr Bells Part 3
5 Tubular Demo Bit 1
6 Tubular Demo Bit 2
7 Some Gaelic Tunes - A Duett
8 Don Alfonso
9 Don Alfonso - German Version

Overall: A decent enough disc. Fair recordings...
(But assumed it is taken from the vinyl, due to it being a *little* fast and a bit *hissy*.)

There are a *few* errors, to say the least.

First of all, this is *not* Tubular Bells 1973 as the title states.
It is, in fact, nothing more than a copy of the second disc from the *Official* Album 'Exposed'.
(Remastered CD: Mike CD6 7243 8 49372 2 5)
Track 4 is actually *Guilty* taken from the same album above.
Track 5 is Mike alone on acoustic playing *Red Dawn* or (*Russian* as it was originally called) and going into The Bell... and...
Track 6 is a very nice Keyboard merging of TB and TB2 from the same radio show above. (Any info on this would be nice!)
Track 7 is actually Fanny Planxty Power, (and not a very good copy of it)
Track 8 jumps into the track missing out the first word ('Now'). but is a very good transfer of the *extended version* of Don Alfonso.(But is slightly fast)
Track 9 is an Oddity... It *sounds* as if someone has done their own German version over the top of the English version! (Listen to the backing vocals... they are English!)

The Sorcerer (Tulamore Dew Records TDR 41278857 OR TD 41278857)

1 Tubular Bells, stage 1
2 Tubular Bells, stage 2 (Glasgow Appollo, 10.9.92)
3 Tubular Bells (Demo, nicky Campbell show Dec. 89)
4 Dance of the Daonhe Sidhe (Mike teaming up with Tom Newman in 1977 on the Faerie Symphony)
5 Passed you by (Collaboration with Phil Beer, recorded in 1987 for a charity album)
6 Royal Wedding Anthem (Guildhall, London, 28.7.81, officially dedicated to HRH Charles and Lady Diana)

A well produced disc. But, for the collector, only worthy for the inclusion of the 6:30 Nicky Campbell Demo (Good Quality) and Royal Wedding Theme, for reasons explained below...

Track 1 and Track 2 are NOT Glasgow Appollo (or even Apollo (to spell it correctly! ;') ). It is another copy of the Edinburgh Premier. (The drop-away at 33 seconds is in there! You can also hear the fireworks at the end, and the Glasgow Apollo was Indoors!! AND, thanks to Stevie B for pointing out, The Apollo was demolished three years previous to the concert!)
Track 4 From The Album "Faerie Symphony" by Tom Newman---(NOTE: *Officially* there has never been *definite* word that Mike actually plays on this track. (Although it certainly *does* sound like it!))
Track 5, from the Album "Where would you rather be tonight" (Sunrise A40111M)

Basically, apart from Nicky Campbell and Royal Wedding, the majority of this album is available in better quality elsewhere, and *officially*!

Lost in Space (Wise Records Ltd. 312 - 2 cd set)


CD 1:

1 Tubular Bells (Recorded Live in 1973)
2 Orchestral Hergest Ridge Part 1 Live
3 Live Orabidoo (First live-performance in New-York on April 8th , 1982)

CD 2

1: Sentinel
2: Dark Star
3: Clear Light
4: Blue Saloon
5: Sun Jammer
6: Red Dawn
7: The Bell
8: Weightless
9: The Great Plane
10: Sunset Door
11: Tattoo
12: Altered State
13: Maya Gold
14: Moonshine

This bootleg is FULL of factual errors. (Or *lies* ;') )

CD 1
Track 1 is the *Exposed* recording, *NOT* TB from 1973
Track 2 is part TWO of Hergest Ridge (the bad quality recording IIRC.)
Track 3 is the same version of Orabidoo from "Swollowed up by a big fat snake".
The date *may* be correct, but as the *factual content* of the notes are dodgy to say the least, I would take it with a pinch of salt...

This is marked as being, "Recorded live in USA 1992"
But this is YET ANOTHER copy of the Radio One broadcast Edinburgh Premier.
Right down to the old 33 second drop off...
Some mistakes in the titles of the tracks :
Sun Jammer for Sunjammer,
The great plane for The great plain and
Maja gold for Maya gold.
ALSO... The track listing is incorrect insofar as, Track 1 is not sentinel, just the short intro to the piece therefore the listings are incorrect, track 2 is Sentinel, track 3 is Dark Star and so on... Track 7 is Red Dawn AND The Bell... from Track 8 the listing is correct.

Thanks to Samuel Rives for some the info above!

Symphonies in Shadow (Kobra Records)

1 Sentinel
2 Dark Star
3 Clear Light
4 Blue Saloon
5 Sunjammer
6 Red Dawn
7 The Bell
8 Finale
9 Weightless
10 The Great Plain
11 Sunset Door
12 Tattoo
13 Altered State
14 Maya Gold
15 Moonshine
17 Dance of the Daonhe Sidhe
18 Passed You By

Cover for this says "Recorded in the USA 1992"
BUT, it is actually the Edinburgh Premier (Again!!)
Track 16 is actually the Nicky Cambpell 'demo' of Tubular Bells
Track 17 as before
Track 18 as before and *Still* too fast!

No Photo For This One
Odds & Bods ... And Some Bright Stars For Queen's College

mike's reel
mont st-michel (edit)
sheba & mirage
barry palmer with friends
antenne filstal, 14 04 1997
some bright stars for Queen's College
punkadiddle / blue danube
I have NO info about this other than the track listing. I 'may' be right in saying the Odds & Bods track is a David Bedford performance. Mike's reel I assume is the rare 'b'-side track, but beyond that I have no clue about any of the above.