Please Note.
The *Listings* section is simply what is printed on the disc listing.
It may NOT actually be what is ON the disc. This is covered in the Info/ Problems section.

This section does not, repeat NOT contain bootlegs, this section contains illegal PIRATE albums that contain only stuff from Mike's released albums. These are not sanctioned by Mike and he receives NO monies from them. (The whole bootleg/money argument may rage on and on, but these Pirates are the worst of any!)

There is no need for comprehensive listing of these pirates, but I *will* list the tracks on them.

Golden Collection 2000

Sentimental 7:55/Dark Star 2:16/Blue Saloon 3:34/Red Dawn 1:25/The Bell 6:57
The Great Plain 4:47/Sunset Door 2:24/Tatoo 4:29/Altered State 5:12/Maya Gold 4:04
Jewel In The Crown 5:44/Serpent Dream 3:04/The Inner Child 4:40/Man In The Rain 4:09/Secrets 3:20
Far Above The Clouds 5:01/Santa Maria 2:44/Sunlight Shining Through Cloud 4:3x/Liberation 2:37

ALL of the above tracks are taken from the original albums (Tubular Bells II and Millennium Bell)
Track 1 is just *Sentinel* misnamed.

This is a Russian release, and part of a whole series of *Golden Collection*s from various artists.

World Ballads Collection

1. Tubular Bells/ 2. Women of Ireland/ 3. Earth Moving
...can't make out what 4 and 5 are on the scan I have...
6. Blue Night/ 7. Celtic Rain/ 8. Mont St. Michel/ 9. Hiberna Culum
10. Islands/ 11. Maya Gold/ 12. North point/ 13. Moonlight Shadow
14. Weightless/ 15. To France

2000 Collection

The song of the sea/ Moonlight Shadow/ Dark Island (traditional)/ Amarok (excerpt)/ Muse/ Sentinel/ The Bell
The Voyager/ The Source of Secrets/ On Horseback/ Island/ Man in the rain/ To France/ Shadow on the Wall/ Blue Saloon
Taurus 3/ In High Places/ The Top of the Morning/ Heaven's Open

Russian MP3 Collection

This disc contains, believe it or not, *almost* all of Mike's album output from 1973 to 1999 as MP3 files

This pirate *is* presented with a nice interface which scrolls through pics and shows the covers and titles etc, but ultimately, if you have this, and DON'T have the actual albums... then you should be ashamed!! ;' ) !

This contains...
Tubular Bells/ Hergest Ridge/ Orchestral TB (part 1 only)/ Ommadawn/ Incantations/ Platinum/ QE2
Five Miles Out/ Islands/ Tubular Bells II/ Voyager/ Tubular Bells III/ Guitars

All tracks encoded at 128/44khz

Earth Calling

outcast 03:49/sentinel 04:18/man in the rain 04:03/shadow on the wall 05:08/to france 04:35
serpent dream 02:53/moonlight shadow 03:35/tubular world 03:25/island 04:20/the hero(traditional) 05:03
ascension 05:49/north point 03:33/the top of the morning 04:26/dark island (traditional) 05:43
the source of secrets 05:35/flovers of the forest (traditional) 06:03

Greatest Hits

Muse/Sentinel/Man in the rain/Shadow on the wall/To France/Embers/Moonlight Shadow/Tubular World/Island/The Hero/Ascension/Summit Day/The top of the morning/Dark Island/Flovers of the forest/Enigmatism

This is ALMOST exactly the same as Earth Calling, even down to the mis-spelling of *Flovers* (Flowers) of the forest.

Gold Club Eve Tubular Bells

Which is, quite simply, an unabashed pirate of the album Tubular Bells Listing:
Part one/ Part Two

Gold Collection - The Best

I have NO clue what this is!