There’s a Spiky Haired demon,
A healer and fighter
An odd combination, I’m sure you’d agree

But for only one hudred
He’s somewhat a child
But he’s seen more action than you or than me

SPA-RDA! Young Dante Sparda!
Man of two swords, Runner of the Wild Dream
SPA-RDA! Young Dante Sparda!
Get on his wrong side – you’ll see what I mean.

As a fighting Militia,
He’s charged with a duty
A demon is loose – and abroad in our lands

And although that its fun
that it just bothers Vipers
His mission’s to find it – and that’s what he’s done!


SO he’ll wield a great sword
and he’ll wield it supremely
He’ll slaughter this devil and send it to flame

So let us all sing in
Deep a-ppreciation
Remember his deeds and remember his name


But we now sing his praises
For during a battle
He stood by the Raggers – then ran to their aid

He called to Militia
Then dragged out the healers
And men of Ragh Hrafen Fianna, he saved

(CHORUS x2 to end)

© Joe Lamb 2007

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