The ship Era Palma brought him to our land, and with him Lord Konstantine came
In search of a woman, was hated by all - Ophelia Callisto, her name.
Her men fell up on them, left Konstantine slain, Beset them with metal and stone
Left him for dead – Friendless, he bled – Alone.

- - - -
(and we cry for…)
...the soul that was Dante, To the Gods who protect us we call,
That his spirit will join the All-Father, As this Childe was a father to all.
- - - -

Now Palanor came, before death could hold sway, and brought him to Lantia’s plains
The men of the Mirror-Shield hailed him as one, and Captain of them he became.
A promise he swore – till that Callisto whore, Lay dead at his feet in the sand
He was a lion – and with them all – he’d stand.

- - - -
(so we’ll strive for…)
- - - -

Now the nations had gathered, our spirits were high, and bright as the summer came on
We sat by the fire, with stars as our light, he joined us in laughter and song.
The mead had run empty, the ale had all gone, he left then to bring us his hoard,
Never returned – now for his name - we burn.

- - - -
(so we’ll fight for)
- - - -

Tho’ the man that we called Dante Childe is no more – his memory will always live on
We swear to the Gods, his assassins will pay, and vengeance be ours, e’re long
A friend to the lonely, a leader of men, a Lion both loyal and strong.
And even in death – no Lion stands… Alone.

- - - -
(So we sing for…) x2

...as this Childe was a Father to all, as this Childe was a Father to all.
- - - -

© Joe Lamb 2007

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