Oh look to the east, can you see the sun rising?
It looks like a sun, never risen before.
For the light it is dim, and no warmth emanating
It gives little comfort, to this pallid earth.

It seems only hours, yet feels like forever,
Since Anders and Einer walked here among men
It’s hard to believe when your heart cannot bear it
We never shall look on their faces again.

- - - - - -
Until this world ends, we will remember them
Comrades and friends who have fallen today.
- - - - - -

It’s sad in the telling, but tales must be spoken
And we should recall all our glorious dead
Who’ve fought and have taken the road to Valhalla
To join all our Fathers who’ve gone on ahead

Oh Einar was bold and a strong line commander
His battles were many and bested by none
For years he had led us, but sad to discover
It took but a moment and Einar was gone.


A gate to the void opened up in our clearing
Spilled countless foul beasts like some dark hellish maw
With steel and with venom they struck at our people
Took women and children and slaughtered them all.

A flash of sharp movement to quickly to follow
The wolf that was Anders leapt high in the air
Beset from all sides he dropped into the battle
He rent and he tore them where no man would dare


The demons were beaten, but bold in their numbers,
And turned to the wolf, as the wolf faced them all,
And Anders stood firm, but the void overwhelmed him
He lay still and senseless as death on the floor

Now Einar stepped forward to take the fight to them
The men of his company, stood at his heel
With cries to the gods and with curses to demons
He summoned his courage and loosened his steel


He stood over Anders, his body protecting
From demon and venom and shadow but then
The void took his senses and Anders and Einar
Were taken to darkness and not seen again

So take heed all you Norsemen and Wolves within hearing
Remember your fallen who’ve gone from our sight
And think on the fate, befell Anders and Einar
We wish to greet Odin, but wish not to die.

(CHORUS x2 to end)

© Joe Lamb 2007

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