Ah... The first of the songs I wrote for The Fianna.

The Lachlan story is worth a few sentences more than most.
to tell it all here would be a little monumentous, but I'll try to sum it up.
(eventually I may get it all written up and add a link to it here...

To summarise...
Lachlan was a long time member of the Ragh Hrafen Fianna.
Jacob was also one of the Fianna but had been made a Captain within the Wolves faction.
Tegid... Well... Tegid is somethng of an enigma...

It had come to the fore that a plan had been hatched by Jacob's Uncle, of all people, to go back in time and kill Jacob as a child, so that
he would never grow up and become the respected Captain that he was.
Tegid made it possible for Lachlan to go back in time and stop this attack from happening.
Lachlan took the burden on and did indeed prevent the attack. However, in the process, he was wounded by a blade that
had been coated in poison.

Lachlan was between the place he had been journeying to, and the place he was to meet with Tegid to return back to our time.
He was aware that he could not make it back to either one, so decided to sit down under a tree and write letters of
farewell to those who mattered to him.

This song is based on those letters...

Joe Lamb 2007

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