I am cooled by the motion of a passing breeze
There are few days remembered have been fine as these
And this tree gives me shelter from the open sky
But I am merely mortal and all men must die.

It was cowardice and treachery that laid me low
Who had not steel or bravery to face their foe
For they took me with poison painted to the blade
Leaving darkness and venom moving through my veins.

In these last passing moments ‘neath the fading sun
I recall all the battles and the deeds I’ve done
But the proudest of moments I have met today
Saving you from a kinsman to deny the fates

Do not grieve for me Jacob, this was meant to be
Tho’ the death that was stalking you has taken me
Now you’ll grow to be Captain and to lead your men
But it’s hard to believe we shall not meet again

Now the circle’s completed and the cause is won
You will come into Manhood as your Father’s son
Now our lives are forever with our fates entwined
For we are merely mortal and all men must die

Now I feel life within me ebbing fast away
And I know I’ll be leaving ere the close of day
I have died at a coward’s hands, a lonely fate,
For it bars me forever from Valhalla’s gate.

If I’m gone faithful Tegid, you must go alone
Bury me where you find me, do not take me home.
I will sit here and turn my face towards the sky
For I am merely mortal and all men must die.

We remember you Lachlan and await the day
We will fight for your spirit and to Odin pray
It will soar to Valhalla, blaze across the sky,
For we are merely mortal and all men must die.

We are all merely mortal and all men…
Must die.

© Joe Lamb 2007

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