- - - - - -
Fear us! –We are Odin’s Children!
Watch our fire burn the sky
Leave the field. Flee the battle!
Stay and you will surely die!
- - - - - -

Steel on flesh and blood on metal
Hammers fall to shatter bones
Perish all who stand against us
Take their land and burn their home.

There are none who can defeat us
Many tried – but all have failed
Fear and panic overawe them
When they see the Longships sail


See what will be loosed upon you
Spears of women – Swords of men
Axes, lances, bows and hammers
Send you to your gods again

Call them ‘fool’ who stand before us
Only fools would dare to stay
Run and hide where none can follow
And you may survive this day.


Who are we to dare defeat you?
Who are we to lay you low?
Who are we to send you running?
Who – The undesired foe?

We - the Ragh Hrafen Fianna
Fighters bold and warriors all
Rally at the will of Odin
Rally to the raven’s call.

CHORUS x2 to end

© Joe Lamb 2007

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