There was a man, a Soder man
With shield and hammer in his hands
wandered far across the land
And settled in this place

He had a lust for valour bold
A deep desire to harvest gold
- mostly he just had an odd
Expression on his face.

Kees, Kees, Captain Kees
Tough but fair – you’ll find that he’s
The one you want in front of you when faeces hit the fan.
Kees, Kees, Captain Kees
Want a wall to stop them all? Our Captain is the man!

Tarantulas are scared of him
Lions greet him with a grin
Wolves slope off and cower
With their tails between their legs

Bears give out admiring roars
He boots Vipers out the door
Jackals think they’re dogs of war
- He makes them sit and beg!


And so be sure when he’s about
You’re always nicely kitted out
Always do be certain there’s
No rust upon your mail

Otherwise make no mistake
Will be the last one that you make
As he buries deeply
His right foot into your tail!

- - -
Chorus x2
- - -
Want a wall to stop them all? Our Captain is the man!

© Joe Lamb 2007

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